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This journey does not look the way I thought it would. The challenge is harder to bear than I had anticipated. But still, I will not turn back. I choose to walk this narrow and rocky pathway through these woods because I know that beyond these tall tress is my family. And I will meet them all soon.

alongside you each and every step.

When you choose Roots Surrogacy, you receive more than a path to life's greatest journey. You receive partnership, a guiding light, and support as if you were a member of our own family. Whether you are a surrogate or intended parent, our promise to you is to always be there, through it all, together.

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Become a Surrogate

You will find surrogacy to be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Not only will you be making a parent's dream come true, you will also find a whole new community of support and friendship. Your surrogacy experience will change both your life and the lives of families you helped to create. 


become a parent

We understand that surrogacy is a complicated and uncertain journey. Choosing Roots is your first step to creating a partnership that centers around trust and transparency. With high level screening, personalized matches, and professional services throughout the process, Roots is here to lead the way on your path to parenthood.


Become an egg donor

You will find that being an egg donor is an invaluable way to support individuals and couples in creating families. Egg donors often find the experience so rewarding that they donate several times. As a donor, you will forge friendships and meaningful memories that will last a lifetime.

Becoming a parent through Roots Surrogacy was more than I could have ever expected. I gained a daughter and a life long friendship with my surrogate. I can’t wait for our second journey!
— Patrick, San Francisco CA