Egg Donation: Known Donor Program

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Egg Donation with Roots Surrogacy

Roots Surrogacy is the first agency in the United States to offer a 100% ‘Known Egg Donor’ program. We are here to assist in finding the best matches and meeting the expectations of both egg donors, as well as parents. Parents and egg donors go through a personalized matching process where both parties feel valued and protected throughout the entire journey. During a known egg donor cycle, friendships are formed, bonds between families are shared and the beautiful birth story of a child is written.


What is a ‘Known Donor’ Program?

With the addition of at home genetic testing kits from companies like and 23andMe, along with the connectivity of our modern world, the anonymity of a person is no longer protected. The same is true in egg donation. There is no longer any guarantee that you will remain be an anonymous egg donor or that you can successfully withhold the truth about your child’s conception from your future offspring.  Roots Surrogacy, in an effort to be transparent, ethical and truly committed to our community of egg donor conceived persons, have lifted the veil of anonymity and we celebrate the relationships we are able to create through both surrogacy, as well as egg donation.

The process of a known egg donor cycle is very similar to that of a surrogate match. Parents and egg donors fill out profiles about their expectations, desires and demographics. The donor profile is shared with a parent. If there is interest, the parent profile is share with the donor. If the egg donor is interested in pursuing the match further, a video match call between the agency, the donor and the parent is facilitated. Only if both parties feel fully comfortable after the match call, will the match be made official.  Once matched, the egg donor is screened and the legal process is completed. The donor is then cycled and the egg retrieval is completed. Throughout the cycle and beyond, parents and egg donors are able to connect and communicate, making the process one of partnership, friendship and mutual respect.

How does a KNOWN DONOR program benefit parents?

How does a known donor program Benefit donors?

Choosing a egg donor can be a daunting task. The decision about which donor to choose is fraught with questions of genetics, health history, education and personality. While a profile of an egg donor can be somewhat telling, nothing can replace the comfort and connection you feel when you are actually able to meet and chat with potential donors. An open line of communication can bring ease and clarity to an otherwise challenging choice. In addition to the initial matching with your egg donor, known donor relationships allow for open communication in the future. If there is a medical issue that arises with the egg donor or your child, being able to contact and communicate with your egg donor can be of the utmost importance. When your child has questions about their conception, birth, genetics or health history, known egg donor relationships add a level of comfort for your child and eliminate the shame or stigma that a anonymous donor process may create. By connecting with your egg donor, both parents and children find a level of comfort and joy that is absent in anonymous donation matches.

Egg donors are incredible gift givers; women who have made the choice to help someone grow their family. Often times, egg donors wish to know more about the results of the process; egg donors want to know about who they were able to help, if a child or children were born, if there is a potential that child will want to contact them sometime in the future. By opening relationships between egg donors and parents, there is a level of communication and transparency that would not exist in an “anonymous” donor relationship. Unlike egg banks and “anonymous” donor programs, "known egg donors” have a say to whom they chose to donate their eggs. Known egg donors have control over the connection and relationship they build with the donor family. Known egg donors have an opportunity to make decisions that feel right to them and their beliefs. Known egg donors are partners in the family building process and are valued and respected as people throughout the process.

As a parent, I could not imagine not knowing my egg donor. The relationship her and I have is one that I will always cherish. She loved me and my family before we ever had my daughter and she made me a mama!
— Erin Clarke, San Francisco CA