The Surrogacy Process


Phase One:
Consultation and Commitment 

1) Contact us to set up a consultation to connect and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

2) Complete our Introduction and questionnaire forms.

3) Sign the Roots Surrogacy agency contract.


Phase Two:
Matching and Medical

1) The match! Our personalized approach allows us to match you to the perfect surrogate for your family.

2) Meet your surrogate to discuss desires and expectations.

3) Complete medical and psychological assessments.

4) Sign legal contracts and fund escrow.

make a baby.png

Phase Three:
Let's make a baby

1) The IVF cycle sync and transfer occurs.

2) Positive confirmation of pregnancy and continued IVF appointments.

3) Move into second trimester with regular OBGYN or perinatologist.

4) Your happy and healthy baby is born!