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Initial Steps

We are an intentionally midsize agency so we can provide personalized attention to each of our surrogates. After ensuring you meet all requirements, we will connect with you for a personal consultation. If surrogacy is right for you, we will then move forward with signing legal documentation, complete medical evaluations and begin a fertility medication regimen. The full process can take from 12 to 18 months.

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Parent Matching

Each surrogacy relationship is different. Sometimes the intended parents want to be very close to the surrogate and attend every doctor's appointment. Other times, both parties wish to remain separate and have limited contact. We carefully create the best possible matches based on a detailed questionnaire. We take great care in ensuring that this match is one that will meet everyone's desires.

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A Baby Is Made

Once you have matched, using IVF (in vitro fertilization) we will transfer an embryo to you. Once pregnancy is confirmed, our promise to is to always be there to support you during each and every step of your pregnancy and after delivery. By choosing Roots Surrogacy, you are receiving authentic and genuine emotional, relational, and advisory support. We are in this together.

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