Become a Surrogate with Roots


We take pride in being upfront and transparent about compensation. We remain competitive with other agencies but provide so much more in support, personal relationships and connections to our surrogate tribe.

Total compensation: $50,000 for a first time Gestational Carrier

REQUIREMENTS To become a surrogate

  • You have delivered a child of your own and have at least 50% custody

  • You are between 22-38 years old

  • You do not participate in government aid programs such as cash assistance, welfare, public housing or section 8

  • You have a healthy height/weight ratio

  • You live in California, Nevada, or Oregon

  • You have the support of family, friends and your partner (should one exist)

  • You do not use illegal drugs, smoke cigarettes, or abuse alcohol

  • You are not currently using any medications for mental health issues

    If you do not meet all of the above, we cannot accept your application.

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