What To Expect In Your Surrogate Journey

All journeys are different, in life, as well as in surrogacy.  Each one has unique challenges and varied levels of friendship, hope and promise.  As a first time surrogate, everything is new, exciting and filled with a little trepidation.  Having a good sense of the steps of surrogacy can help ease that feeling of uneasiness and allow you to enjoy the ride.  

New Surrogacy Agency Aims to Bring Deep-Rooted Connection to Clients

“Parents and surrogates both enter into surrogacy with a level of uncertainty. By combining the knowledge and expertise of an agency owner and an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) attorney, we provide both the personal touch and professional services necessary to create a journey that can be enjoyed as much as the outcome,” said co-founder Brooke Kimbrough.

Brooke Kimbrough
Learning Surrogacy Abbreviations

When you enter the world of surrogacy, it may feel like everyone is speaking a different language. Both gestational carriers and intended parents may find the acronyms and abbreviations in surrogacy confusing. To help people who are just starting their journey into surrogacy, from whatever perspective, we’ve provided a quick glossary of many common terms that come up when discussing third party reproduction.

Shots during Surrogacy... What's the point?

There are typically three medications given to a surrogate during her journey: Lupron (to shut down her ovaries temporarily), Estrogen (to thicken the lining of the uterus) and Progesterone (to prepare the lining to receive the embryo). This blog sets the story straight about progesterone... its uses, delivery systems and efficiency.

Brooke Kimbrough
8 steps to the perfect surrogate profile

There is no such thing as "the perfect surrogate." Each IP is looking for something different. There is however, the "perfect profile" and it has everything to do with these easy 8 steps. Step 1: Get your head in the game.  Profiles, in dating, in applications, in home loans... where ever you need to tell someone else a whole bunch of info about you – it's going to take time.  All that awesomeness cant be contained in a few short words. Get mentally prepared to work through it. 

Surrogate Insurance... What's the Skinny?

One of the big issues that arises in surrogacy is insurance.  What insurance covers surrogacy? How do I know if my policy will cover the expenses?  What do I do if I don't have insurance or I have surrogate unfriendly insurance? What is open enrollment?  What if we want to transfer now... is there any way around this insurance issue?  All of these questions we get asked on a regular basis. So here is the low down on insurance as it relates to surrogacy.

Brooke Wojdynski
Medical screening for surrogates... What should I expect?

OK, so you are making progress.  You have met with several agencies and picked the one you felt best served your goals and expectations.  You have filled out the application and the personality profile.  You have consented to a background check and you passed.  The agency found you this amazing single soon-to-be mom who was everything you were looking for in an intended parent.  You are a perfect match and cant wait to get started.  You have scheduled your psychological exam and now are going in to meet with the fertility doctor.  So close yet worlds away and you feel nervous.  What should you expect at the IVF Clinic?  What are they testing for exactly?  What makes me a good surrogate, medically speaking?

Brooke Wojdynski
All about the prenatal screening and diagnosis

Infertility affects millions Americans and issues are shared equally between men and women. Not all infertility issues can be diagnosed but known various medical conditions, diseases and environmental factors all play a role. With that, thousands of want-to-be parents are connecting with IVF clinics and Reproductive Endocrinologists to make their parenting dreams a reality.